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My name is Micheal Peter Nugent and I am a survivor of serial Australian Government employee corruption, abuse of process and abuse of power. 

For the record, I am a full reporting C officer in the United States of America having founded, acquired and merged several American public and public traded companies, I am an accepted reporting officer for the Australian Stock Exchange, I have produced over 20 prospectuses in 3 countries, I have been a law student at Bond University, I am a qualified Diesel Fitter among several industrial qualifications, I have qualified partnerships and relationships with some of the worlds largest companies and I have stood firm for over 20 years protecting shareholder and stakeholder interest, I have never been charged with any corporate offence in any country and I am never sick at sea.

Now it is my turn to bat, I have engaged legal counsel to prepare and file claims for correction and reparation from over 50 Australian Government organisations and persons with a target of $1.5 Billion dollars. 

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chronology document 1

Chronology document 2

The ASIC has no limits to their abuse of power and criminal corruption. The letter below shows where they needed to puff up allegations so they manufactured evidence to get court injunctions. In fact, Hugh Copley drafted and signed the letter to get them out of their criminal actions. It is pretty obvious I did not work for Esso and they knew it, further, they did have freezing orders on those accounts.   

ASIC falsifies bank statements in court 

The ASIC continues their unchecked corruption, abuse of power and abuse of process. From 3 people and 2 companies charged with 10 counts, the courts find 7 counts of not guilty, 1 count of no case to answer and the ASIC withdrew charges on the other 2 counts the night before the trial. 

Redacted submissions of the 2nd and 3rd defendants












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